What are good drawing ideas

Jane Doe


Drawing is an art and it advances only with individuals who are enthusiasts and regular performers in their profession. It’s a specific rule, even doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, you must spend a good amount of time drawing new and new shapes every single day.

Indeed, regular efforts propel one towards unlimited ideas of new styles of drawing. In this comprehensive written piece of work, you will get familiarized with several new and interesting ideas of drawing, therefore, stay tuned!

  • Everyday Objects

A good writer doesn’t need to struggle to find a topic to write, the same goes for the artist of drawing.

Even he or she can lay down the portrait of every surrounding item in his or her bedroom.

If he’s walking in the kitchen, he can praise the beauty of nature by making drawings of fruits and other household items.

However, drawing flowers is the best way to win a contest, because making flowers with hands demands one personal touch of beauty and by doing this activity, an artist puts not only all of his efforts but also unleashes a shape which is expressive and attractive for visitors.


  • Mountains and Valleys

The hilly side presents a distinctive view of natural beauty and it provides a lot of opportunities to those who want to confine this beauty in their art. Drawing mountains and valleys, you will see how it looks beautiful when you fill in colours and put the symbols of trees in the scenery.


  • Trees and Forests

 The scenery in forests changes periodically with the direct effect of weather. To produce considerable results in drawing pictures of trees and forests, you can try this exercise at different times of the year.


  • Ocean Waves and Beaches

The early hours at shores present a rare view and if you want to draw this natural beauty, you need to catch this time and you will be amazed by drawing the waves of the ocean and sandy shores altogether. If you possibly catch the front view of the Sun with the mentioned stuff, your drawing will have a logic of profession and every time a visitor comes across your work, he or she will stop and talk about your professionalism.



  • People and Portraits

Mankind is the most beautiful creation of nature. If you start thinking about people or self-portraits, you will be amazed at the beauty bestowed on human beings.

Imagine, you’re sitting on a top location and viewing thousands of people in the market moving each side and doing the same stuff and you’re confining them into your art; once you will hang the results on the wall, you will observe that portraying of mankind is the most beautiful source to perform the art.


  • Draw with your imagination

The one who knows the rare side of the art is a master in drawing a random thought into the work. Yes, drawing production through imagination or self-inspiration is one of the best sources to draw beauty without any means.


  • Draw the beauty of Animals

If you have a pet or visit a local park and sketch animals while behaving and doing versatile types of activities. If you conduct a deep observation and look at their characteristics, you will catch something rare in your production. Even if you have a cat pet which means you have plenty of sources to draw your art because the cat is a great source of joyful moments and this beautiful natural species poses hundreds of styles every single day, you just need to stick your focus on its activities and draw them accordingly.


  • Architecture and Urban Scenes

The revolution of industrialization and modernity in our urban localities have drastically changed our living style. Our daily way of living, especially in urban areas provides a distinctive view. If you don’t have any other option to draw your work, I’d suggest you to find out a perfect location, sit there and start observing the regular movements of our urban life. Soon after your first look of observation, you will feel that you have a good idea to draw a beautiful painting of mankind.

Besides, the architecture around the life is a next step source of means to draw the art.


  • Draw Your Interests & Hobbies

We develop our interests and hobbies while thinking differently. Our style of thinking and observing matters and interests has always remained distinctive. For instance, if you want to draw your interest or hobbies into your art, you can think about the last book you just completed and its theme is still in your mind, you can put the imagination of the book in your work. Similarly, you can draw a picture of the movies you just enjoyed last week with your family.


  • Sports & Games

The national and international players of every country are always in the high search. If you want to grow your art business via this strategy, you need to draw their portrait while playing or moving and adjust them very professionally.


  • Daily Drawing Paint Challenges

Above all, if you think that you don’t have an idea to produce your art, you need to start a regular exercise of your work.

You can set self-challenges to improve your art, by doing this action, you will see that your work is improving steadily.


Last but not least, the common proverb “Practice makes perfect” describes the real implementation feelings on the artist. There’s only one thumb rule, the more you practice the better you will produce.

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