How to do line drawing

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The arts demand various techniques to deliver attractive designs. For instance, if you check with a gallery, you can find multiple collections of artwork available there, but you need to know what is required while handling such tasks. Being a budding artist or beginner, it is necessary to know about the techniques for line drawings.

When planning to do line drawing, it is essential to understand the nuances. Well, when you want to draw, it can be done without painting, shading, or any other kind of thing. Yes, you can handle it by following the line drawing whenever you wish.

Why Line Drawing?

It is considered one of the old artistic forms where you can include texture, color, space, and more. Also, you can see that the lines are available in different types, such as curved, zigzag, diagonal, horizontal, and vertical. One should remember that every drawing will always mainly demand such line types. According to that, you can get variations.

The main highlight is that you can show the difference between thin and thick lines and create different art. It is all about combining light and dark to make the final image. Also, it is a basic form, so you don’t feel any complications. Look at the essential steps you must follow while drawing line art.


  • First of all, you need to initiate with a straight-line drawing. It is an essential element that you can add a straight line. From different angles, you can create art. You need to know how to develop areas of highlights and shadow. Yes, it can be done using the same drawing tool. It would help if you focused on practicing the different shapes as you wish when you do with straight lines.
  • Focusing on complexity is always a must. For instance, minimalist design is also complex at some point. Well, here, you can leave much detail to your art, but adding different angles and views delivers the style of art you are looking for.
  • Finding the right style that suits you when planning to make art is essential. From anime designs to various other designs, you can adapt and deliver a piece of art with style. However, with regular practice, you will stick to the best techniques.
  • On the other hand, you can also find various tools to do line art. Yes, with the different options available in a tool, you can create multiple line art. Also, you can follow the best techniques, like turning photos into line drawings. The best thing is you can do this with tracing paper, keeping on top of the image, and going ahead and drawing the details carefully. Finally, you can also convert it to digital for further information.



Final words

The best way to become an expert in line art is to employ specific techniques that will allow you to achieve a high level of complexity in your works of art, along with consistent practice. In this article, I have outlined a few insights that will assist people in creating their best work through online art.

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